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Canadair CL-44 Wing Flap Lever Knob

Canadair CL-44 Wing Flap Lever Knob


We have four of these unique Canadair CL-44 Flap Lever Knobs available, exclusively from Aviation Parts.

Each item displays similar information, although there is a variation in wear/tear.


As per the paperwork (not included) these were for Seaboard World Airlines aircraft no. N126SW and N124SW. We cannot confirm if they were used or whether they are 'new old' stock.

Dimensions: Approximately 30 x 5 x 30mm

The '44-' part number prefix confirms this item is a CL-44 component.


Price is for one unit.


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DISCLAIMER: Product sold "as is". This retired aircraft component may not function and is no longer certified for flight. We, Aviation Parts, offer no guarantee that this product we sell to you will be in working order. This product is intended for educational, recreational, or decorative purposes only. It is not suitable for installation or use in airworthy aircraft as it may compromise safety and violate regulatory requirements. By purchasing this retired aircraft component from our website, you acknowledge this and accept the inherent risks associated with its use. You agree to release us from any liability, damages, or claims arising from the installation, use, or misuse of this component. Furthermore, through your purchase of this product, you acknowledge that any serviceability tags or documentation accompanying the product may display discrepancies, especially concerning quantity counts. Consequently, you release us from any responsibility to rectify such errors.


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