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About Us

Aviation Parts is based just a stone's throw away from Bournemouth Airport in Dorset, England.

By presenting aviation enthusiasts with the opportunity to own unique pieces of memorabilia, we aim to preserve the legacy of retired airframes - including those where restoration or preservation is unfeasible.

Our current highlight is our extensive collection of parts from the Canadair CL-44.

In particular, the iconic CL-44-O Conroy Skymonster.

Yes, you read that right—the one and only 'Skymonster'.

This includes instruments, engine components, safety equipment, propeller blades, tyres, and much, much more.

All these components were inventory items, either removed from the Skymonster a very long time ago, purchased brand new intending to be installed, or removed as spares from standard CL-44s that had reached end of life.


For anybody interested, the Skymonster itself remains intact. Please do not interpret this website as an indication of the aeroplane's future! This website project has been ongoing behind the scenes for a very long time, so it is simply nothing new. The aeroplane's owner has done a tremendous job thus far. The aircraft is not guaranteed to become drink cans. In respect of this, I kindly request that no rumours be made.

We are new to this and acknowledge there are opportunities for improvement, so we would greatly appreciate your honest feedback! Please convey your thoughts to us through the contact section below.

Our passion is aviation; our goal is to preserve it.

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Looking to display your memorabilia?

We have access to full in-house metal fabrication services.

​If you are thinking of a unique way to display your aircraft memorabilia, please get in touch.

We would love to bring your ideas to life!

Please reach out through the contact form below.

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Website Disclaimer

Unless otherwise stated, all products are sold "as is". All retired aircraft components on our website may not function and are no longer certified for flight. We, Aviation Parts, offer no guarantee that the products we sell to you will be in working order. Our products are intended for educational, recreational, or decorative purposes only. They are not suitable for installation or use in airworthy aircraft as it may compromise safety and violate regulatory requirements. By purchasing retired aircraft components from our website, you acknowledge this and accept the inherent risks associated with their use. You agree to release us from any liability, damages, or claims arising from the installation, use, or misuse of these components. Furthermore, through your purchase of this product, you acknowledge that any serviceability tags or documentation accompanying the product may display discrepancies, especially concerning quantity counts. Consequently, you release us from any responsibility to rectify such errors.

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